Does your home insurance assist in minimizing 

household risks?

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Safety Simplified

Our platform empowers the user in reducing household risk, allowing insurance partners to identify and market directly to low-risk business, whilst reducing exposure of payout on existing customers.


Public Safety

Government and community groups input safety, incident and mitigation information

Location Based

Geo-targetted & Real-time hazard news updates and warning reporting system

Reduce risks, get rewarded

Self-assessments allow users to reduce their own risk and enjoy reduced premiums


About Us

Keyteq partners with users and insurance providers to reduce household risks and insurance premiums. We are powered by the community and without our users, our software would have zero value. That said, we pride ourselves in transparency and integrity about the way we choose to distribute user data. Our risk assessments tools and geo-targeted hazard alerts are created to protect homes in Australia, with the aim to reach a global demand. 

Our founder, Brant Yates, an ex-police officer, the brain behind this vision, is driven to continue his quest of virtually protecting the community by allowing the public to act with knowledge and information to reduce foreseeable risks. 

Brant is supported by our Co-founder Nasim Peers, a passionate community member with the aim to listen, relate and engage with our network first hand in order to protect information before data distribution and avoid a breach of integrity. With the goal to streamline the world of security with an application and ai. 

The duo, collaboratively combined forces to create a software that allows all to re-think the safety of our home, neighbourhood and most of all our pets & family.

To be the first notified of our app launch or hear about the exclusive partnership opportunities offered, we encourage you to subscribe below and join our network!


Is the Keyteq App available to the public?

Keyteq is currently under development and will ready for public use soon.

Where is Keyteq based?

Keyteq will firstly be offered to Australian main cities, and as we grow our user-based we will continue to expand globally.

Who can partner with Keyteq?

Keyteq focuses on partnering with companies within the Security Hardware Solutions to better protect homes. We are always open to hearing from new partner opportunities. We encourage you to reach out if you believe Keyteq is the right partner for your business.

How does your development process work?

We collate and collect data from reputable government resources in order to better inform our users on how-to-protect their homes to reduce risks and in return, our users will benefit from insurance and partner savings.


Our core development is built on transparency and partnerships for us to collectively empower communities. Join our mailing list and help us, help you create a safer tomorrow.

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